Montgomery County’s State-of-the-Art Multi-Agency Complex Powered By Optical LAN

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Blog

Montgomery County New Multi-Agency Service Park

Recently I had the pleasure of participating in the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new Montgomery County New Multi-Agency Service Park with our valued partner VT Group. This Multi-Agency Service Park is part of a smart growth initiative, and is being hailed as the state-of-the-art centerpiece of the county. This is a $101 million service park that also includes a public safety training academy, training facility for bus drivers, a food distribution center for the public-school system, a maintenance facility for schools and the maintenance facility for county parks department.

The Montgomery County facility is powered by a Tellabs Optical LAN system, which integrates multiple agency networks, and over two dozen buildings, into a single campus network. The Optical LAN system is both simple and scalable. It is simple from the standpoint that one network management console can orchestrate all the daily IT moves, adds and changes across a 25 plus building complex spread across 40-acre property. It is scalable because one Optical Line Terminal, located in the main data center, connects nearly 4,000 gigabit Ethernet end-points and Wi-Fi wireless access points with centralized intelligence and management. These Montgomery County buildings are designed to achieve a LEED Silver certification by incorporating innovative features such as Passive Optical LAN.

I am very pleased that VT Group was selected as the lead consultant for the Montgomery County Steering Committee and are also responsible for providing the “Parts and Smarts” installation, configuration and integration of the OLAN system. Under VT Group’s guidance, Montgomery County network goals have been achieved in consideration of the network services, users, connectivity, bandwidth and system wide needs. All network requirements have been addressed with the Passive Optical LAN, which breaks traditional copper-based network distance limitations and thus can converge all LAN services over this far reaching, and high bandwidth, fiber-based infrastructure.

You can read more about the Tellabs Optical LAN being used for government, stadiums, airports, libraries and other mixed-use public venues in our short municipalities solutions summary.

Joel Fischer
Joel Fischer
Director Sales Engineering