How Tellabs is helping your peers and how we can help YOU!

It’s been hard to watch the negative impact of COVID-19. At the same time, it has been encouraging to see our customers and partners reinvent themselves within this chaotic business climate. Everyone is doing their best with the resources available, but what happens if the required pivot is beyond internal capabilities?


First, you can call Tellabs (click here to contact us).

We truly endeavor to assist our staff, partners and customers as we all adapt to the new work environment resulting from COVID-19. To illustrate, here are a few examples of how Tellabs has come together with employees, partners and customers to rise above the challenges.


Our Broadband Partners and Customers, both Large and Small:

With more people working remotely, our broadband service provider customers face increasing network demands.  Tellabs assisted network operators by analyzing Tellabs 1000 MSAP systems, making recommendations for increasing bandwidth, and assisting with remote provisioning to meet the increasing broadband utilization of customers for telehealth, remote learning and essential communications with friends and families – and remote home offices.


Our Enterprise Partners and Customers both Commercial and Government:

A large enterprise customer was planning a multi-level building cutover of services to Optical LAN with a schedule completing in September.  They desired to use the time when users were out of the office due to COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders to accelerate cutover and test. With limited access to the building and following strict safety procedures, Tellabs provisioned the OLAN equipment remotely and performed the on-site cutover and testing for the customer, completing the project four months ahead of schedule.


While many were quarantined at home, our customers’ construction projects carried on and we were right there with them. Tellabs continued working to support a large international airport customer. This work included remote provisioning and testing of the network, to keep the project progressing on time and safely.


Everybody, including Broadband and Enterprise:

Training – Many companies found this time to be a good window of opportunity to refresh staff training.  Tellabs was able to deliver classes remotely to train and educate students on planning, designing and maintaining Optical LAN networks. We also fast-tracked a series of short 30-minute educational webinars for both Broadband Tech Talk and Enterprise Tech Talk.


Network Upgrades – With staff limited at many sites, IT personnel at school districts, hotels and other facilities were presented with perfect maintenance window opportunities to update their networks.  Tellabs reviewed their systems and executed software upgrades remotely to help them get to the latest releases.


System Audits – While many are still working from home, personnel maintaining the network know team members will be returning soon.  Tellabs has been engaged to review their networks, bandwidth utilization, alarm history and hardware to help them identify areas of upgrade and optimization for the future.


It all starts by calling Tellabs (simply click here to contact us).

We are here to help as we all get through this together. Please contact any of our Tellabs team members to explore ways we can assist your efforts.


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