Optical LAN Improves Wireless Performance

IT professionals are facing challenges with their wireless networks in the form of limited security, quality of services (QoS) and bandwidth that ultimately impact the end-users experience.  This is especially concerning now that IEEE 802.11acWave2 systems are hitting the streets.  By paring a passive Optical LAN with your wireless network, you can optimize network performance with better security, QoS and bandwidth.


Security – With wireless, transmitting across the airwaves adds vulnerability.  By utilizing Tellabs Optical LAN, which is deployed in the most secure government and military networks, IT can leverage its fiber-based cabling to provide more defenses from airborne attacks.


Traffic Management – With Wi-Fi’s limited available spectrum, real-time services, like voice and video, hit QoS and bandwidth challenges when they are transmitted over-air.  Those same critical services over a Tellabs’ Optical LAN enjoy strict QoS and traffic management made easy with the automation of provisioning and operations.


Bandwidth – Concerning bandwidth, Optical LAN single mode fiber infrastructure has 100 Tbps capacity.  And, Tellabs’ solution provides a graceful path from today’s ITU G.984 2.4G PON to tomorrow’s ITU G.987 symmetrical 10G PON which aligns very well with IEEE 802.11ac Wave2 bandwidth.


By balancing all services and applications over both the Wi-Fi and Optical LAN the net result is more optimal performance for your end-users.  Click here to learn more about Tellabs’ Optical LAN solution synergies with wireless, both Wi-Fi and DAS.