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Tellabs access networking solutions are deploying throughout an industry-leading array of unique market verticals. This affords Tellabs a wealth of knowledge and experience from supporting large-scale systems across many diverse industries - for both enterprise and broadband.

Tellabs 1000 MSAP Broadband Strategy

Service Provider

First best choice for broadband network operators to collapse, converge and connect your access network.

Business Enterprise

The industry leading choice for simple, secure, scalable and stable connectivity for smart and healthy corporate offices.


A more secure modern fiber-based network that exceeds agencies mission-critical needs for civilian, intelligence, defense plus state & local.


Improves guest experience, property value and business revenue while saving money for hotels and resorts.


Unify services and networks to reduce costs, increase security and provide industry-leading network availability for hospitals and medical offices.


Unify networks to exceed connectivity demands, improve student learning and lower costs across a primary, secondary, college and university campus.


Optical LAN helps improve passenger, retail and employee online experience and prepares transportation hubs for digital transformation.


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