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An Optical LAN design offers superior stability, and industry-leading network uptime. This directly lowers operational costs, reduces human error and ultimately improves security.

Less stressful, more productive and healthier work environment

Today’s high-performance local area networks (LANs) deliver real-time services such as voice and video, as well as critical business services. Enterprises rely on LANs to be the lifeline of their operations, delivering dependable connections for cloud networking, big data, Internet of Things, virtual desktops, remote employees, regional offices and international locations. Real-time and critical services demand high availability, stability and security from the networks. Unplanned LAN outages result in lost employee productivity and lost connectivity to corporate resources and data centers, and also significantly raise security concerns.

Tellabs Optical LAN solutions provides enterprise LANs with superior stability, high availability and industry-leading network uptime. This is accomplished with carrier-class componentry, equipment redundancy, dual homing to wide area network, route diversity in fiber cabling infrastructure, redundant Optical Line Terminals (OLTs) in geographically dispersed locations, plus protection switching based on network path and network health criteria.

A more reliable network with highest degree of availability means a less stressful, more productive and healthier work environment for employees.

Quick Facts

  • Equipment redundancy with 50 msec switching, fail-over and/or card-swap
  • Protect critical services with dual homing resiliency and load balancing
  • Redundancy using fiber route diversity to protect real-time services
  • Achieve the lowest measured network downtime with geo-redundant OLTs
  • Centralized intelligence for more machine-to-machine actions
  • Industry leading “Path Protection” proactively monitors network health

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Industry leading reliability directly improves operational efficiencies, and security

Equipment Redundancy

The first step toward high availability starts with equipping the OLT with redundant components such as Ethernet Switch Units (ESU), Common Controls (function of ESUs), Timings Source, Network Uplinks (from redundant ESUs), Power Plant and Fans. There is also the option for redundant PON Service Modules and/or whole
OLT with Type-B PON redundancy, which will be discussed in more detail later. With a fully equipped duplex OLT, you can benefit from non-service-affecting side-switching, fail-over and/or card-swapping measured at less than 50 msec. Any fail-over of redundantly deployed cards generates an alarm to Tellabs Panorama PON Manager while service remains intact.

Dual Homing to Core Router and WAN

In the main data center of a building or campus, dual homing to the core router is ideal for high-availability services across campus and at remote buildings providing aggregation, resiliency and load balancing purposes. In this architecture, a business can achieve equipment and facility protection at the OLT. The OLT can provide this redundancy across 1 GbE and 10 GbE Ethernet uplinks, and it can be deployed with any standards-based L2 switches and/or L3 routers. In this configuration, high availability is achieved with dual homing to core routers across multiple interfaces distributed across redundant ESUs.

Redundant Passive Optical Network (PON)

A single OLT can be equipped with a redundant PON port or PON card serving one ONT with two paths across a redundant optical plant. This PON equipment-level redundancy, from one OLT, is a means to provide fiber route diversity using the FSAN ITU standard Type-B PON redundancy option. Type-B PON redundancy is a purely passive solution, defined in principle by FSAN ITU standards, and is contingent on deploying 2:x Passive Optical splitters. These highly reliable 2:x optical splitters provide both protection, redundancy and splitting functions in the optical plant.

Redundant Optical Line Terminals (OLT)

Two OLTs at geographically dispersed locations can also be configured to serve one ONT with two paths across a redundant optical plant. Because of this, Type-B PON redundancy provides options for fiber route diversity to different PON ports in the same OLT, different PON cards in the same OLT, and different OLTs in geographically dispersed locations.

PON Path Protection

Beyond ITU Type-B PON Protection, Tellabs uniquely provides PON path level protection where the system software proactively monitors the network Ethernet uplinks, and if it detects the OLT has lost connectivity to the network core (WAN uplink), it will automatically switch.

PON Health Protection

Another unique Tellabs’ protection scheme, in addition to ITU Type-B PON Protection, is Tellabs PON Health Protection. Here the system software again proactively monitors the network health metrics via established threshold alarms, and if network degradation is observed, a switch will occur automatically.

PON Diversification

Last, there is a method to design the placement of the 2:x optical splitters, fiber cabling, ONTs and the final Ethernet connections, in a manner that improves service level availability at the edge. That is, two nearby ONTs can be connected to two different optical splitters, and by inter-mixing the two ONT’s Ethernet drops, you effectively eliminate the possibility of widespread service outages deep in the enterprise.

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