Top Case Study Series: Luxury Condos Streamlines Smart Building Technologies with Optical LAN

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Blog

Park Place on Peachtree and Optical LAN

Park Place on Peachtree is a 40-story luxury condominium complex in an upscale neighborhood of northwest Atlanta. The Park Place condo owners determined they needed to incorporate new networking technology to remain competitive with high-end towers in the chic area. The 242-unit owners decided to build a fiber-based network to improve property sales and protect the property values of existing condo owners who had paid six- to seven-figure prices for the condos. They wanted not only to update the diverse mixture of communication systems in Park Place, but also to eliminate the security concerns that arise when technicians from multiple service providers go in and out of the building daily.

Tellabs Optical LAN was the ideal choice since it provides flexibility in supporting a broad range of contemporary connectivity services for Park Place tenants. By replacing the building’s previous mishmash of cabling systems, the Optical LAN simplifies the Park Place communications infrastructure and delivers smart building advantages, such as:

  • 4x greater bandwidth to all residents, burstable to 1 gig speeds and 10 gig ready
  • Eliminate four telecom closets in the building and associated cabling
  • Centralized all management functions for entire network to one location
  • Strengthened building security by reducing the number of technicians

Furthermore, this unified fiber-based connectivity converged over the OLAN system integrates:

  • Voice, Video and Internet – OLAN was able to collapse separate service-specific networks, each with its own type of transport medium, into a streamlined fiberized architecture. Specific to video, OLAN integrated the RF video (i.e. satellite TV) over the same fiber infrastructure, thus combining voice, video and internet onto one fiber cable.
  • Wireless Wi-Fi – The OLAN also connects the wireless access points. The common space Wi-Fi are configured for both guests and residents access, while a Park Place technician assists with the Wi-Fi installations for individual condominium units.
  • Other Smart Building options – Exterior surveillance and access controls can also be connected to the OLAN. Under consideration by the owners is adding exterior lighting, security cameras, building controls and even HVAC units.

The sum of all these benefits help Park Place reduce overall operating costs for the condominiums by taking full advantage of smart building technology, fiber cabling and Optical LAN.

Compared to the previously fragmented communications infrastructure, the converged, simplified Optical LAN, with its support of every technology service, enables a residence like Park Place to reduce budgetary consumption on day one and significantly lowers the total cost of ownership over a 10-year period,” says David Quinn, IP UtiliNET CEO.

You can read the complete OLAN and Park Place case study titled “Optical LAN helps protect condo owners’ property values and attract new tenants to luxury high-rise” by simply clicking here.

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