Tellabs and ECSI deliver Kraus-Anderson’s new HQ Something Special

ECSI installs Tellabs Optical LAN to help Kraus-Anderson overcome architectural, and business challenges, commonly encountered with a contemporary building and modern workplace.


Dallas, Texas: Tellabs, the leading provider of Passive Optical LAN (POL) solutions, and ECSI, a full-service network system integration company, installed a Passive Optical Local Area Network (LAN) at Kraus-Anderson’s new 100,000 square foot corporate headquarters in downtown Minneapolis. The Tellabs Optical LAN (OLAN) architecture complements Kraus-Anderson’s contemporary office building design that features an expansive interior and open ceilings, large windows for natural light and collaborative open office architecture that helps Kraus-Anderson attract, retain and develop the best employee talent possible in this progressive metropolitan setting.


Kraus-Anderson chose the Tellabs Optical LAN system, along with ECSI installation and integration services, because the OLAN design gave them that “Something Special” that solved challenges relative to cabling in an open contemporary office building, the best cybersecurity posture within a shared work environment and a high-performance network for both wired and wireless connectivity for their elite downtown workforce.


Optical LAN allowed us to fully implement the architectural goals for the building while implementing a network that fully meets the needs of our employees now and in the future,” said Mike Benz, Kraus-Anderson’s Vice President of Information Technology. “Utilizing OLAN and optical fiber also improves our security posture through completely centralized management and tamper-resistant cabling.


Some additional benefits of the Tellabs OLAN system compared to traditional copper-based LANs are:

  • 85% space savings in cable pathways
  • 66% less equipment in main datacenter
  • 100% elimination of telecommunications rooms
  • Complements aesthetically pleasing architectural design
  • Provides strict security in open workspaces of modern enterprises
  • Centralized management that improves security
  • Tangible contribution to green initiatives
  • Higher 1G Ethernet density and 10G Ethernet ready infrastructure

When designing a contemporary office building, architects and engineers are leveraging the fundamental benefits of Passive Optical LAN and taking advantage of how its design converts building footprint – historically monopolized by stacks of switches, cable management and cabling – back to modern business purposes,” said Jim Norrod, Tellabs President and CEO.


We have Tellabs Optical LAN installed at our corporate headquarters, too. Because of our own experience, we were confident that the OLAN system would help Kraus-Anderson attract and retain an elite metro workforce that demands a fast, reliable and secure network connectivity, regardless of accessing through their wired or wireless devices,” said Rich Hanson, ECSI Vice-President.


More detailed information about the Tellabs Optical LAN system deployed at Kraus-Anderson can be found in this linked case study.



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