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Passive Optical LAN

Passive Optical LAN can shrink the network attack surface by 320:1, enable 6:1 fewer IT staff touches (a Zero Trust Architecture), reduce material/space by up to 90% and lower energy consumption 30-40% (It’s Green!), plus all this at 20-50% lower costs.

Optical LAN is a future-proof architecture with unlimited capacity

Useful life expectancy of traditional enterprise LAN infrastructure is regrettably short. At each one of these upgrades, the switch and cable manufacturers expected you to rip-and-replace your hardware and infrastructure. Each higher bandwidth step and faster network speed introduces disruption in the LAN. Furthermore, during this same time period traditional switch venders are complicating matters by raising network complexity, day-1 capital cost and year-over-year operational expenses. So, how can you better align real space, energy, heat, noise, radiation, and costs impacts, with your true enterprise bandwidth requirements?

Tellabs® Optical LAN is a better way to build and operate networks. Optical LAN speeds IT productivity through simplification. It reduces network vulnerability points. It offers flexible design options to right-size capacity and density. Optical LAN is optimized for modern fiber network connectivity inside buildings and across campus.

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Quick Facts

  • Optical LAN is a building and campus LAN solution
  • OLAN Flattens and Simplifies Networks Design
  • It Eliminates Known Network Points of Vulnerabilities
  • The Solution Lowers Total Cost of Ownership
  • OLAN offers Software Defined Networking Management
  • Optical LAN Proven Across All Industries

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Optical LAN Is A Better Way To Build and Operate Networks

Flexible Design with Best Capacity and Density

OLAN can connect any network design, cable, service and endpoint. It economically scales bandwidth capacity, and number of connected devices, with true network needs. Optical LAN breaks traditional network barriers for connecting modern smart buildings and IoT. It is a wise investment with the least disruptive path to future technologies, including wireless.

Speed IT Productivity with Simplification

Tellabs Optical LAN offers faster installs with automated connectivity of users, devices, and services. Optical LAN is software defined networking technology that helps IT staff work more efficiently. OLAN increases speed to provision, monitor, troubleshoot and perform moves-adds-changes. It reduced human touch with consistent policies, improves reliability and security.

Reduce Network Vulnerability Points

Optical LAN provides centralized network intelligence and management via one IP address. Fiber cabling is inherently more secure than copper and the distributed endpoints (e.g. ONTs) store no network nor user information. OLAN more secure with best in class 802.1x, NAC and two-factor authentication. It has verifiable government interoperability certification (e.g. JITC) and it is deployed in secure US DoD networks.

Tellabs FlexSym® Series Optical LAN

With the Tellabs FlexSym Series Optical LAN solution, IT professionals, architects, consultants and engineers now have the tools to build enterprise local area networks (LAN) flexibly to support current network speeds and scale up to 10 gigabits of symmetrical connectivity. Tellabs FlexSym Series allows LANs to be more efficiently designed by minimizing IT infrastructure footprint, power, and costs, compared to legacy copper-based networks. FlexSym offers improved flexibility in LAN architecture, and a graceful migration to future network demands. Specifically, this solution offers choices for either ITU-T 984 G-PON 2.5G or ITU-T G.9807/G.987 XGS-PON symmetrical 10G connectivity between the OLT and ONTs, plus the choice of multi-rate Ethernet (10G, 5G, 2.5G, 1G) from the ONT to the subtended end-point (including Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af/at/bt).

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Tellabs Optical LAN is a true enterprise centric solution that offers a better means of designing and operating networks inside buildings and across extended campuses.


Tellabs 1000 MSAP (aka T1000, DMAX, AFC, UMC) is the industry’s only Broadband Digital Loop Carrier platform that converges legacy copper and modern fiber connectivity.

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