Webinar Replay: Operational Agilities and Savings with Optical LAN Automation

Watch our on-demand webinar replay now, and you will learn how the Tellabs Optical LAN solution, provides unified management, streamlined service delivery, automated provisioning, troubleshooting and monitoring on a global scale for industry leading operational efficiencies – specifically, this webinar will be a demonstration of Tellabs Panorama PON Manager and how it automates.

  • Reporting, backups, and email notifications
  • Configuration of OLT and ONT via global profiles

Webinar: Operational Agilities and Savings with Optical LAN Automation

Click here to see this on-demand webcast replay now!

CIOs and IT staff face tough challenges as the network they are tasked to manage grows more complex in the digital workplace. Furthermore, they are chartered to do this while facing internal difficulties with staff reduction, talent retention struggles, skillset gaps, training impacts and on-going professional certification demands. These are the reasons why improving operational efficiencies is a top priority for IT departments during this digital transformation. Furthermore, their Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are directly tied to operational efficiency statistics, thus pay raises, bonuses and promotions are at stake.


Tellabs Optical LAN stands ready to help with peerless operational efficiencies by promoting automation with global policy profiles for machine-to-machine actions that limit human-to-machine actions in support of the digital workplace. Mission-critical yet repetitive operational tasks can be effectively reduced to zero dollars, and with centralized intelligence and management quick views, fast isolation and easy drill-down uncovers root causes and speeds resolution is optimized to for true enterprise agility.


Tellabs Optical LAN is uniquely qualified to deliver operational savings, that provide monetary annuity year-over-year, because:

  • Inherent OLAN and ONT efficiencies
  • Automating network management functions
  • Macro network orchestration with global policies
  • Architecture that helps IT staff to work more efficiently

You can view our on-demand webinar replay at your convenience, and download slides from the webinar.


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