Tellabs Broadband helps service providers converge, collapse and connect their access networks in a cost-effective manner that leverages existing approved equipment and infrastructure. Tellabs Broadband solutions can converge legacy analog services onto systems that have full support and options for fiber and Ethernet connectivity.
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Support modern fiber and Ethernet connectivity simultaneously with legacy copper connectivity for maximum revenue.

Service providers still manage, and will continue to manage for some time, a large embedded base of copper cabling connecting analog services. The service providers have a strong desire to install fiber-based IP services, but there are no new service revenue opportunities to justify the network upgrade expense. Further aggravating the situation is the dilemma where service providers have a duty to deliver services that lack a positive business case. Meanwhile the decades-old copper-based analog service equipment are being manufacture discontinued. These factors can make it difficult for service providers to continue to deliver services within the confines of their existing infrastructure and equipment.

Tellabs Broadband helps telecommunications service providers converge, collapse and connect their access networks in a cost-effective manner that leverages existing approved equipment and infrastructure. Where service providers are impacted by manufacture discontinued access equipment, Tellabs can converge those legacy analog services onto systems that still enjoy full support and have choices for fiber and Ethernet connectivity. This Tellabs same access equipment can collapse a remote cabinet footprint as well as whole central offices that house Class-5 voice switches that have hit their sunset horizon. Finally, the Tellabs access gears offers modern fiber and Ethernet-based uplinks and services connectivity. This connectivity provides a graceful migration and optimizes choices between B-PON, G-PON and 10G XGS-PON, as well as ADSL, VDSL and – all simultaneously with legacy copper-based analog services.

Quick Facts

  • Helping service providers converge, collapse and connect their access networks.


  • Industry’s only Broadband DLC converging legacy copper and modern fiber connectivity.


  • Supporting all services and all applications in the access network.


  • Enabling a low-cost migration path to IP-based services.
  • Offering fiber-based Ethernet delivery while continuing to support TDM and ATM services and transport.


  • Scalability with topology, transport and service variety and flexibility.


  • Sustain, expand and evolve the existing installed base.


  • Unwavering support for legacy telecom services.

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Broadband Industries

Tellabs’ strong telecommunication industry presence is built upon consistent delivery of carrier-class solutions and our steadfast support of our valued customers. Our Broadband solutions have fueled the revenue engines of global service providers to both their residential and business end-customers.

Broadband Technologies

Tellabs Broadband technologies connect millions of homes and businesses around the world. These technologies are trusted by the largest global services providers and independent local service providers equally. They enable cutting edge fiber- and copper-based connectivity, while simultaneously support legacy services still demanded by service providers and their end-customers.

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